Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spooky Nights Woollies.....

Back to fall projects for me....
I love these little pillows
so I decided to do 3 more.
They will be perfect to hand
out to some friends for a special
fall occasion.
Wait until you see the next one -
has some nice big spiders,
but they are kinda cute.
I have the Winter Pillow pattern all
Tonight I will have the husband
draw a name out of the bowl.
Thanks again for such nice
comments on my patterns and
my book!
I am so happy that you like the
book so much.
It was so much fun to work on,
it was so hard to wait a whole year to
see it in person!
I'm working on a new book,
its a children's book.
Not sure if anything will happen with it
but it is so much fun to work on.
I hope your week is going well,
leaves are starting to turn a little,
fall is coming quickly....
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

Oh, what fun a children's book will be! And here's a suggestion for s little fall pillow, Liz--how about something with wooly bear caterpillars?!

Your newest pillow is so cute with the tiny bats :)

sunny said...

How cute! I've finally bought a little wool, so I'll have to start trying some of your patterns.

marimo said...


Tatkis said...

Wonderful Halloween pillow!
WOW, children's book - can't wait to see your new projects!