Friday, October 19, 2012

A Little Bit Better.......

After I went
to the gym I took
a walk
looking for the perfect pine tree.
We have some very
pretty trees
in the neighborhood
I tried putting
the little pillow in some
pine trees
but it just
didn't work - too much green...
Wish that tree was in
my yard....
this one is just
a little too big -
but wouldn't it be
perfect with lights
all over it for the holidays?
Just by accident I
tried to take a picture
using this tree
I took over 30 pictures
wouldn't you know
the last one
in this cute little tree
I love the best!
Thank you so much for
your comments about my
I knew I could do better
but not sure how,
but I'm happy with it now!
Have a great weekend.....
Elizabeth Ann



Carol said...

That last tree really complements the colors in your adorable pillow, Liz!! Your perseverance in finding the perfect tree certainly paid off :)

sunny said...

Ya done good, Girlie!!!!