Sunday, October 21, 2012

Santa Up Close........

Had some questions
about the little woodland Santa.
His fur trimmed coat is buttonhole stitched
and then I added little loops of
Sanibel Acorn Woods.
I did the same for his hat
and coat sleeve.  I love how
the hat turned out.
I always have an idea in my
head what I want for a project
but fabric and thread don't always
Of course my sheep always
need some woolly curls and I
used Sanibel Old Lace for this little guy.
The thread I used for the embroidered
trees and French Knots on the trees
is Sheep's Silk Dark Moss and Ruby Red.
Someone asked about the tree the
pillow is sitting in,
I'm sorry I don't know what
type of tree it is,
but the colors are perfect for my picture.
Sunny here today, warming up a bit,
I hope your day is going well......
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

Those special threads and stitches give him such a special look, Liz--keep those great ideas coming :)

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Finally settling in and having time to catch up on blogs. I love all the projects you've accomplished. Wonderful ideas and colors!