Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Five - Christmas Joy.......

Our home in Oklahoma
was too small to put a large
Christmas tree so when we got
here we had to get
a brand new, very tall,
pre-lite tree.
Which I'm sure you
have guessed I was very
happy about.....

It will take me a few years
to collect enough

and cross stitch
enough pieces to fill it
up nicely
Last year I sprayed
some lovely snow on it.
It looked so pretty....

but don't ever do that!
This year it had a funny smell
so I had to stick cinnamon
scented pine cones in it
the smell is going away....

Today I am going over
to Michaels
just to see if
they have any red or gold treasures....

and maybe check
out Target....
Have a delightful weekend!
Elizabeth Ann



Anonymous said...

Have fun finding treasures, love your tree, Leslie

Tatkis said...

One of the most beautiful Christmas trees!
Enjoy your decorating :)


Nicola said...

Yes, it is definitely is one of the most beautifully decorated trees. I love the colours and richness.