Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good morning!
My little blog still doesn't want
to work properly
but I read the instructions
on how to go around the problem
and here I am!
We have been very very cold
here, this morning it is 0
outside but the sun shines
in this little place most
days so it is very nice.
I have been working on a big
project and hopefully I
can get out this week
and find something to take
a picture with so I can
share it with all of you...
Buttonhill Farm - it will
have 5 to 6 patterns.
Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
Elizabeth Ann
Picture is Springtime Meadows,
I'm sure all of us here around
the Boise area can hardly wait for spring.......


Lori said...

Good morning!! Been cold and sunny here too- I love it and it is so beautiful!!
Glad to see your blog post and your lovely projects! The lamb's ears are a hoot!! Puts them in motion, for sure.

Judy said...

Very cute lambs. Those cold temps are on the way here to the midwest. I know I am ready for spring.

Judy heartland stitcher

Nicola said...

It is very cold in the UK too hot water bottle and thermals time.

Your little flock of sheep are so sweet

Siobhán said...

Your sheep are adorable! It's been cold here, too, but just a dusting of snow. The hills still have some, so at least I can look at it but not have to drive in it. ;)

Tatkis said...

Your sheep are so cute :)
Hope to see your big project soon!

Keep warm!

Carol said...

Glad you figured out a way around those blog gremlins--so sorry you're still having problems posting!

Love your little sheep--at least their wooly coats are keeping them warm in this cold wave. We're at six degrees this morning with a horrid wind. I sure wish I didn't have to leave the house and go to work later!!