Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Projects.....

Every winter I make
myself finish an old project.
I try to find something that is
long and a little involved.
It seems to make Winter go
by a little more quickly for me.
I decided today I wouldn't do
well living anymore north of where
I do.....
This morning at 6am it was -2
and I thought it was suppose to be at
least 10, I was just a little bit
They promise tomorrow will
be at least 20 something
& then on Thursday back into the 30's.
Just maybe they can dig the
foundation on the house.
I picked two projects for this
The first one is Shepherd's Bush's
French Heart.
I just loved working on it -
only I ran out of the cream thread
and of course all my threads
are in a POD in a warehouse....
See the little one over one heart?
All I have left is the border so it won't take
too long to finish.
Wait until you see my next
Thanks to Carol, my stitching
buddy I got all the wrinkles out of
the linen and got a very
good start until I
discovered all the cream threads
for it
are in that same POD......
Elizabeth Ann


Judy said...

I like your blog backround---it makes me think spring--now that we have single digit temps! The Shepherd's Bush pattern is so pretty. They always use the prettiest pastel thread and specialty stitches. Did you learn some trick to getting wrinkles out of linen? Stay warm!

Judy heartland stitcher

sunny said...

Your stitchery is beautiful! So soft and nice. I'm working on an older project too. Good luck with your finish.

Siobhán said...

Love your stitching! You can't go wrong with a Shepherd's Bush project. They are so dainty and pretty.

Carol said...

Glad that advice did the trick, Liz--since I had never tried it before, I had no idea if it really would. Your piece is so cute--perfect for chasing away the winter blues... now if it would just warm up!!

Tatkis said...

Such a lovely stitching, simply perfect for a winter project!