Monday, February 18, 2013


Well one week into my
Sunday Christmas ornament
stitching and I blew it.
I really wanted to get my eagle
done on the letter D
it just went on and on.
Plus I really wanted to unroll the
whole thing and see
what it looked like.....
Naturally all the threads for the
piece are in a very nice POD so I
cannot finish the letters I started so
I have to start new Letters.
One thing about staying in this
apartment, it only takes a little bit
of time to clean the whole place so one
has lots of time to stitch.
The snow has finally melted so I am
off to take a bike ride....
Have a wonderful week!
Elizabeth Ann


Nicola said...

Simply beautiful, I don't think I could put her down either.

Carol said...

Oh, that looks like such a fun piece to stitch, Liz!! What count fabric are you using? It is going to be VERY big, isn't it?