Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Good morning to you all!
I have been gone for awhile,
been really sick....
I finally am feeling somewhat like
myself and the terrible
cough that I had is gone.
Just haven't felt like designing
or sewing.......
I do have some exciting news though.
In the next issue of
McCall's Quilting Magazine
I have a quilt featured in it!
Its a scrappy house quilt
with some fun flowers!
And one of the quilt shops
that I love going to is featured
in the next 10 Best Quilt Shops magazine!
But for now, I have to pack
everything up again and get ready
to move next week.
The next posting I will do
will be
10 Best Spring Days
around the new house.
We saw the inside paint last night,
its a creamy soft yellow with white trim.
All my cabinets will get  a
new coat of paint too.
This house has a very big backyard so
I will get to plant my garden soon,
lots of veggies and lots of flowers!
I hope you all are well and doing
lots of sewing!
Have a delightful day!!!


Lori said...

Good to hear from you and I'm happy you are feeling better! I'm sure finally getting into your new home will be a relief after all this time. I can't wait to see it!!

Carol said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick, Liz! But, glad you are better--just in time to more into your new house! How very exciting--I wish you much luck with the move and I look forward to your 10 Best Spring Days posts!!

Congratulations on your quilt being featured in the magazine--hope I can find it the next time I'm at JoAnn Fabrics... I saw your book in there the other day--felt like I knew someone famous :)

sunny said...

I don't buy many magazines - which month do I need to be looking for? So sorry to hear you've been sick, and glad you're finally feeling better. Good luck with the move!

Judy said...

Good to see another post. Sorry you have been sick. Congrats on your feature in the magazine. All of your designs are just the cutest. Will look for that issue! Hope your move is smooth going--and will look forward to your 10 Best Spring Days. I am just wanting to leave winter behind and get to spring.

Judy heartland stitcher

Tatkis said...

Hope you are well now!
Good luck with moving, and great news about your quilt published!