Thursday, March 21, 2013

Country Hearts....

I got the letter I
done before I had to
pack my wools all up.
I love those big pink flowers,
reminds me spring is
almost here...
I did see flowers at
Lowe's yesterday, hopefully
 I will be planting some next
week in my front yard!
So here is G, H, I
but they will have to wait to
get their formal picture taken
until the Cabinet
is unpacked and gets
a new paint job.
Ahhhh, my bowls and lace
and a sweet basket. (A,B,C)
Hopefully next week at this
time I will be unpacking all my
sweet treasures....
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

Carol said...

Another beauty!! I love those big pink flowers, too... I hope you do get to plant flowers next week (we had more snow yesterday and today :(