Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sorry I haven't been here,
still unpacking
painting furniture.
I chose this lovely creamy yellow
paint for the walls
now some of my cabinets
looked sad with it.
My computer got attacked by
a very bad virus too.
I finally got to stitch a little
this weekend but my hands were
just too tired to keep at it very long.
I hope you all are well.
We are praying for the people that
were attacked yesterday.
Elizabeth Ann


Anonymous said...

Love the wall color, the room looks great! Leslie

Carol said...

Good to see you got moved in okay, Liz--your wall color is very pretty! I'm so sorry to hear about the computer virus--hope it's all fixed now...

Hope you're enjoying your new home :)

Lida said...

Hope your hands will be able to hold the needle soon! And I love the color on the wall! The design in the new issue is very nice! Greetings

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Liz,
Looks as though you are starting to settle in....very pretty!!

:) Carolyn