Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well we have been painting
staining furniture.
The big cabinet likes the new living room -
there are 10 feet walls in there
so I can decorate it right to the very top!
I'm having to get use to using
some color, I would
have painted the whole thing white
if I could have gotten by my husband,
he likes lots color.
Now I need to find some bowls
and watering cans to go on it.
I think I have used every bowl and plate
I own to decorate this new place.
This house is smaller than 
the last house but has lots of great
places for decorating.
In between the cold weather and wind
I have been doing the front yard too.
Today we lay the sod down - can hardly
wait for that job to be done.
Yesterday I did get my pencils and paper out
and drew a little fall pear out...

and even put a few stitches in...

Well I need to get ready
for the sod truck now....
I hope you all are having a great spring so far!
Elizabeth Ann


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, the cabinet really looks so good. Can not wait to come for our visit next month to see the new house in person and of course visit with you both. Maybe even win a game of Chicken Foot! Leslie

Carol said...

It must be such fun to decorate your new place, Liz! The paint job on the cabinet looks so wonderful--of course I love all the blue and yellow on it :)

Your new fall pear looks adorable--interesting to see how you sketch it out and then create it, too.

Lida said...

Our Spring is started three days ago and the flowers are coming up and the sun is shining, it was time too!
Love your new creation, greetings

Lori said...

Looks lovely Liz!! Sure sounds like you are staying busy; I know laying sod is so much work!!