Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Little Christmas Tree.....

I'm working away on a new
Holiday Party...
hopefully I will be done
by next week.
They are small, easy
and fun woolly ornaments.
Once I get going its hard
to stop at just a few....
I'm putting red jingle bells
on the tree along with berries
and pretty pinecones.
And these little guys
flew all
the way in from Marysville, Washington.
Two sweet friends
remembered an email of mine,
where I was wishing I
could have a few
deer in the yard.
We have spent so much money
this year on the house
and yards, I really needed
to wait until next year for
fun things - like deer.
Thank you dear Leslie & Dale
I was thrilled with my gift!
I wish my camera would take
good pictures in the dark
so you could see them with their
lights on.  (Don't you just
love my backyard? There is a very
nice park right behind us, Toby
the new puppy thinks it belongs to him.)
We got all our Christmas lights
up this last week,
good thing, it snowed last night
and baby its very cold outside now!
Have a wonderful weekend...
Elizabeth Ann



Lori said...

Ah, you beat us to the snow! I heard there was snow in your next of the woods. It was forecasted here, but must have stayed int he mtns.
What fun friends to send you some deer! They are so cute!

Carol said...

How sweet of your friends to send the deer to you--they look very happy in their new surroundings, Liz! And what an adorable wooly snowman--can't wait to see all of your new designs :)