Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Woolly Christmas Trees...........

Christmas 2011
Woolly Christmas
Christmas 2012
Woodland Christmas

Christmas 2013
Holiday Celebration One
Not sure how many parts there
will be to this tree, I'm thinking
there might be a little woolly tree skirt
to go with the ornaments.
They are 3 x 4 and are so much
fun to stitch.
I hope you like them!
Elizabeth Ann


paulette said...

Ahhhhdorable!!! How sweet!!

sunny said...

Like them? I LOVE them!! How do I get them??

Lori said...

Super cute!

Carol said...

Oh, they are so sweet, Liz!! Amazing at how fast you create, stitch, and finish your little treasures :)

Huckleberry Patches said...

Darling!! What fun to stitch up!!

Judy said...

These ornaments are just toooooooo cute for words! Love them.

Judy heartland stitcher

Nancy said...

Beautiful as always!!!!