Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday afternoon....

Our little pup was feeling sorry 
for himself,
his master left for a week
to help our daughter 
with her new home repairs....
 But a little haircut
made him perk right up
especially if I say 
the word - Walk
gets his attention every time...
now you know if I had 
finished the last two blocks
there wouldn't be any cute dog pictures
on this blog....
Here is November,
ran out of chenille this time...
but I couldn't wait to 
show it to you!
December is done except
I cannot show it
until its all sewn into the quilt
But trust me,
you will love love love
all those red berries,
there are only 40 but 
it looks like a few more than 40....
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

The blocks are wonderful! Your dog is pretty cute too:)

sunny said...

Cute dog! Can't wait to see your quilt all put together

Anonymous said...

Love the new blocks as always! Hey Toby tell Mom it is time for another walk!!! Leslie

Natasha said...

Your blocks are very pretty!

I love your pup :) We have a westie also. Samson will be 13 years old this August :D They are just the best dogs! said...

These woolies are wonderful!!!
D. G. L

Carol said...

That may the cutest dog ever--I love him!!!