Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Almost Done.....

 Here is October,
love those berries so much,
I put 40 of them on December's block.
(previously stated 1000 :) )
Still looking at old quilts to find
a perfect piece for November.

Its time to start drawing snowmen
Remember these guys?
They are still around,
this happy little guy
I guess I will have to play some
Christmas music today,
get myself in snowmen mood....
Will be a little hard since we are 
finally warming up here
I am planting flowers and veggies today...
I hope you are all having a great week!
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

Oh, so pretty, Liz! And yay for snowmen designs--I love those previous designs--especially the fat one on the right :) You finished him so nicely.

Enjoy your gardening today--I'll be at work in the library, but maybe tomorrow I can get outside and pull some of the weeds that are taking over!

Lori said...

The cuteness ever ceases!
We never plant until the very last of May. That's soon though!!

paulette said...

Love them all!! Very sweet!