Thursday, July 3, 2014

Antique Wool Quilt.....

Here it is, all done,
I'm going to try 
some afternoon light 
see if I can make more of the quilting
show up in the picture.
It is so very pretty,
I wish you could see it in person,
well if you live near Portland,
you can!
I hope to finish 3 more quilts
but I'm taking a day off
the little dog 
I will be back tomorrow with 
a winner for a nice woolly pattern!
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

That is just beautiful!! stunningly beautiful.
I just stared at it. I loved the feather stitching you did too.
I just love the richness that the wool gives to a quilt. I wish I was close to Portland, I would come and see it in person. Have a nice rest day.

Carol said...

Wow! What an achievement--I can't even imagine... How wonderful that it's all finished up so beautifully, Liz--you must be thrilled :)

Lori said...

It is beautiful Liz! What a special quilt!