Friday, July 4, 2014

A Cute Little Woolly Pattern goes to....

The little dog was of no 
help whatsoever, 
got a new bone this morning,
I think if that cute little white poodle
that lives around the corner 
came calling, he wouldn't even notice...
So I got the husband 
to help....
he was focused on the 
baseball game on TV...
I think that would be Sunny!
send your address over & I will mail
the pattern of your choice out!

Excuse me husband can you
pick one more number?
Caught him during a commercial,
he had time to swirl,
no peeking there...
 wow he did good this time,
the dog
still after that bone.
Tatyana if you send me your address
choice of pattern,
I will send it on a fast airplane!

I'm still working on getting the 
perfect picture of the quilt,
This one really shows the quilting
but there is a block missing.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th,
we will enjoy our little town's
fireworks, they were great 
last year 
of course we will enjoy  a BBQ!
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

How exciting!!!! Thank you. I've been perusing your patterns for the last half hour, at least. I've decided on Got Sheep? I'll email my mailing info.

Karen said...

Congratulations to your lucky winners!