Friday, July 11, 2014

Woolly Fall Quilt....

Goodness when I see this quilt 
in a picture I'm thrilled with it.
The wools are so beautiful!
I'm really enjoying making these scrappy quilts
and adding some wool embroidery to them,
I guess I will have to make just
a few more.........
 I have to thank Lisa
at Huckleberry Patches for
sending me a bit of wool so I could
get this done for Laura to quilt..
 and I need to thank Errin at 
Quilting Acres for the 
beautiful wool bundles that
she puts together for me.

Almost a month now & I will be heading to
Portland for my very first show!
I have one more little quilt to finish,
some very cute snowpeople,
you can only work on them early
in the morning or very late at night
because they have a thing about this heat.... :)
I hope you all have a wonderful
think BBQ chicken, corn on the cob
and mint chocolate chip ice cream.....
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

I just love looking at your quilts. Everyone a work of art.
I laughed about your snow people. I feel like that some days too.
You are such a fast quilter. One of the stores in your side bar, is here in my town. Strawberry Patches. I mean to get down there and find some of your patterns. I can't wait. I was so excited to see that place listed. Not to mention they carry your patterns. Have a wonderful weekend.

sunny said...

What a bee-u-ti-ful quilt! You have every right to be in love with it. I know I am!

Judy said...

This quilt is absolutely beautiful. The colors compliment each other. Great job. How exciting to be doing your first show. I am sure your patterns will be a big hit!

Judy Heartland stitcher

Carol said...

Really lovely new quilt, Liz! I am amazed at how quickly you pull these together... Can't wait to see the snowman one--hope it cools off so you can work on it more :)