Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Little Fall Woolly Quilt.....

 Did you all have a 
great 4th of July??
Hope so!
It was one or so before
we went to sleep,
the little dog just sat 
there and watched it all,
I was more afraid than he was,
you don't even have to drive
downtown to see them anymore.
They were very pretty
everywhere you turned
they were going off 
so we got a very good show
just sitting on our front lawn!
Here is quilt number 3,
only one more to go before 
the big show.
Helps to stay busy and keep
the stomach from churning over and over.
The quilt is done, now I am sewing the 
pumpkins and flowers on.
I got the beautiful wool for the pumpkins,
need more for the flowers and
wouldn't you know I ran right out of thread again.....
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

It is just lovely. Every thing I love. Will this pattern be available after the show? We had so many fireworks around us as well. I was so glad I no longer had horses.
It was scary sometimes.

Maggey and Jim said...

What thread are you using for the wool,
Thanks, Maggey

Faye said...

I love the striations in the pumpkin wool~ looks perfect!!! I can't wait to see more also.... Nice job!

Carol said...

How pretty, Liz! So glad you had a good 4th of July and that your sweet pup wasn't afraid of the fireworks :)