Thursday, July 24, 2014

Woolly Shopping II.....

 Shelves are starting to fill up
quite nicely...
Got to go up to the mountains today
Huckleberry Patches,
new ideas for projects 
danced in my little head all the
way home after seeing all
the beautiful wool there.
Collected some of my samples,
only one more store to 
visit to bring home
what I need to finish.
I have packed around 300 
patterns so far, so when we
get there every bit of space 
will be filled up.

Its quite amazing to see all the patterns
Only 18 days until I get to go,
I'm trying to stay calm,
really I am,
staying calm....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

No need to stay calm. Enjoy the excitement!! Can't wait to see pics of your booth once you're there and people are shopping.

Farm Girl said...

It really looks like you will have so many fantastic things when you do get there.
I am excited for you.

Judy said...

Your display is looking fantastic.
It is alot of work, but I am sure it will be rewarding.

Judy Heartland stitcher