Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is Fall In The Air At Your House???

I packed summer away
got fall started
at my house....
I wasn't ready for summer
to be over,
I so enjoy walking in
the evening.
Been on a diet for about
6 months 
wasn't losing any weight,
found out last week
my thyroid wasn't working,
already in a week I feel better
and can get in a smaller size jean.
These are the very first pills
I have ever taken so they make 
me feel a little wonky - don't you love that word-
but not sure how to describe how I feel yet....
The snow people are off to the quilters 
I tried to make a checkerboard edge but it was tooooo
busy but they will get a nice RED binding.
If you notice there is a lot of nice 
cream fabric for some awesome quilting....
I ordered some fabric from
Buggy Barn a week ago 
yesterday got the sad email that
they are closing...
I love all their patterns and fabrics.
I always wanted to go to their store 
but now it won't be there anymore...
Someone asked me why I don't
have any of my little designs sitting 
around in my cabinets.
I try to keep them busy at your local
quilt shop doing their own little
shows, right now they are
in Colorado at a brand new
woollie shop there.
you should hear about all the wool
she has!
I would love just to go and 
see it all in person....
You all have a good rest of the week!
I'm off to do some drawings for
a new fall quilt......
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

Good news to get your thyroid working properly. I hope you get used to the meds soon.
Your quilt will be even better after the quilting! Lovely work you did on it.

Carol said...

Well, it's good to get an answer about why you weren't losing any weight... Glad the medication is already helping. My MIL and SIL are both on thyroid meds and it does take a while to get it regulated--hopefully the wonkiness will go away soon :)

I love your quilt and your fall displays, Liz--you have so many cute pumpkins! I'll bet you miss your little pillows, but it's nice that they are out in the world working hard for you!!

sunny said...

It's too hot here to be thinking of fall. But I hope it cools down before we go on vacation in a couple of weeks. All your little snowpeople would melt here in a minute.

Farm Girl said...

Hi There,
No, not looking like fall here yet, but maybe tomorrow I might have some time to be at home.
It looks pretty at your house.
I bet it is so nice at your house. I am so glad you had your thyroid checked. How nice you have lost weight so fast.