Thursday, September 18, 2014

Woolly Snow Friends.....

Finished my little snow quilt,
a few more pages 
to put on the computer
then we can go on vacation!
Well after the quilt show next week.....
Got my house cleaned from 
corner to corner,
more furniture around,
painted a cabinet,
moved quilts around,
tried to make me a 
honest to goodness offce,
(haven't succeeded in that yet),
got weeds pulled,
knitted myself a half of sweater
in the evenings,
and even cooked some nice dinners
for the poor neglected husband....
I think those pills are working!
Happy weekend to you all!!!
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

It sounds like it. You have been so busy. Your quilt is lovely.
I am glad that you get to go on vacation.

Judy said...

Hi Liz, wow that sounds like a busy and accomplished schedule! The snow quilt is absolutely darling. I love the swirl quilting on it..perfect. Enjoy the quilt show...and vacation.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! Don't know what kind of pills you are taking but I think I need me some of those! You have been super busy and productive--please send me some of your energy and mojo--I hope to complete a fraction of what you accomplished

Carol said...

Think I could use some of those pills, too, Liz, if it made me as productive as you! WOW!!! Love that quilt and I know everyone at the quilt show will, too...

Hope your weekend is fun!