Monday, October 13, 2014

72 Days Until A Woolly Christmas......

Happy Columbus Day to you all!   This use to be
such a fun holiday for us when the kids where little.
They had to go to school so mom & dad went 
Santa shopping!
I don't know if they ever figured that
out or not............

Been working on my fall quilt 
but after I purchased some
very nice fabric last week,
I decided to draw up 
some fun little snowmen.
Not sure if they will be little 
pillows or little ornaments for the tree.
But I hope they put a smile
on your face today,
they did mine.....

Have a wonderful week!
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

I love soup season! Its' been gray and dreary here, and a pot of simmering soup would have been a good idea today. Cute little snowman!

Farm Girl said...

I think the new designs are going to be lovely. I think that is nice that you have such fond memories of Christmas.
I hope you have a wonderful week.

Carol said...

72 days--yikes, I need to get busy!! Looks like your new design will be absolutely perfect for a little pillow or an ornament--or both, Liz!