Wednesday, November 12, 2014

42 Days Until A Woolly Christmas......

Who can't love that
sweet face, I'm sure
Mrs. Woolly Claus will
be my very favorite ornament!
I knew I was going to
have a hard time working
on the next one
but Mr. Frosty 
his beautiful tree
changed my mind!
I did little Colonial Knots 
with my Painter's Thread 
all away around his tree.
Then I decked his little sled
out with their metallic thread,
ohhh its so nice to work with.
The ornament patterns are now winging
their way to the distributor
so you can order your very own
(or your shop can)
tomorrow we will
deliver them to Cindy's Quilt Shop
in Caldwell.
We are going on our very first
vacation in about 5 years
so I wanted to wish you
all a wonderful 
Thanksgiving Week!
Elizabeth Ann

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