Monday, November 10, 2014

Mrs. Woolie Claus......

 Mrs. Woolie Claus 
in her very own kitchen
baking her very favorite cookies,
now if it was me 
I would be baking some 
don't you just love the wallpaper
in her kitchen?
I used my new thread, 
the Painter's Threads,
the Pearl Cotton #5
their Flower Thread
of course
The Gentle Art's Wool Thread
The Threadgatherer's 
Sheep's Silk.
So much fun using such beautiful
Here are three together,
just a little sneak peak 
of Santa's Tree!
Have an awesome week!
Don't you just love Veterans Day?
Taking my Veteran out to lunch!
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

sunny said... I'm in the mood for Snickerdoodles. And gingerbread men. Send Mr.s Claus over to do some baking for me.