Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Nine......

" Robert L. May created Rudolph in 1939 as an assignment for Chicago based Montgomery Ward. The retailer had been buying and giving away coloring books for Christmas every year and it was decided that creating their own book would save money. May considered naming the reindeer "Rollo" and "Reginald" before deciding upon using the name "Rudolph".[4] In its first year of publication, 2.5 million copies of Rudolph's story were distributed by Montgomery Ward"
Been enjoying my XM radio just a wee bit too
much this season, sang all the way into 
town this morning and again 
this afternoon - love that radio!
 I know these aren't Christmas quilts but...
 they are magnificent!
"The American Folk Art Museum dramatically transformed the Park Avenue Armory’s historic 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall with the installation of 650 red and white American quilts, all of which were on loan from the collection of Joanna S. Rose. It was the largest exhibition of quilts ever held in the city. As an extraordinary gift to the public, entry to this unprecedented event was free."
Would have so enjoyed seeing all these beautiful quilts!
When I went walking this afternoon,
I noticed its getting very 
quiet, all the neighbors are headed
out of town & its getting 
colder again....
Only one more day!
Are you ready for jolly old Saint Nick??
Have you been really really good this year??
Elizabeth Ann

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Carol said...

Oh, all those red and white quilts in one place must have been quite a sight--they are stunning!!

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas Day tomorrow, Liz, in your lovely home :)