Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Six.....

Most current publications of Away in a Manger indicate that the writer of the first two stanzas is unknown. Others name Martin Luther as the author. The song was first published in an 1885 Lutheran Sunday School book compiled by James R. Murray (1841-1905), who gave the song a subtitle of Luther's Cradle Hymn. The third verse was written by John T. McFarland in 1904. 
I don't think I have even heard 
this song so far this season.
It is such a sweet little song, I can 
remember going caroling with my
church group and singing it.
 I found this beautiful quilt at
Someday I would love to visit there.
Their quilts are always so beautifully quilted....
 Have a wonderful Saturday!
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Back in the dark ages when I was in elementary school, we had a music program every year for CHRISTMAS. The kindergartners always sang this song, and it was so sweet! I don't think I've heard it this year anywhere, either.

Carol said...

That's one song you don't hear on the radio much any more. I still remember singing it in Sunday school during the Christmas season.