Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Joy - Day Two.....

 The song I chose for today
was one of my very favorites
when I was a kid. 
We use to sing during 
the Christmas season at school, 
I wonder if they still do that???
Benjamn Hanby wrote this song in 1864 
during his tenure as a minister.
He wrote it so the people 
could sing it during the 
church service.
He also wrote Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
and many others.
 This tree belongs to Darlene Andersen,
you can find it and more of
her work on the blog of
under December 14,2010.
Beautiful miniature samplers.
 These are little ornaments
from my favorite tree
in the house,
 ones that I have 
collected for the kids
or made for them,
and ones given to me
as presents...
Enjoy your day....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

You're just so full of holiday spirit. thanks for sharing with us.

Carol said...

Interesting--that guy sure was filled with the Christmas spirit!

Beautiful tree and I love seeing the old ornaments from your kids' early days :)