Thursday, February 19, 2015

Summer Cottages....

Finally got this quilt 
all sewn together,
(Summer Cottages - I like that name)
got the threads,
got the 9 inches of fabric 
(via UPS Ground - 7 days)
and yesterday I still  needed 1.5" of fabric.
And I love it!
Do you think one can love
country colors 
these beautiful crazy prints too?
I do know that I love
these beautiful threads 
plan on using them as much as I can...
the rooftops are made
from that grunge fabric from Moda,
I love it too.....
 I love this little guy,
had to buy him a little collar 
this morning,
he had his little operation 
he's not too happy today.
I hope by tomorrow 
he will be back to playing 
with his toys 
wanting to go outside, 
this sad look is pretty sad....
Have an awesome day!
Elizabeth Ann


Karen S said...

Your quilt is a delight! I would not normally choose those colours and yet I really like in these blocks. Thank you for making me change my thinking!

sunny said...

Oh My Gosh Liz! It's gorgeous! How big is the completed quilt?

Farm Girl said...

Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon. Lovely quilt! I love the colors and they do looks just like spring.

Lori said...

It's okay for us to like all fabrics! Especially in winter! It looks great!!