Sunday, February 15, 2015


 Finished all the embroidery,
I love using the Painter's Thread...
 I will have to catch
the sunlight just right to make 
the metallic thread twinkle for the picture...
Now I have to take this 
little guy for a walk,
its 58 outside and sunny!
I hope where ever you are today,
your warm and safe.....
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

It is very warm here today. I have the windows and doors open today.
I bet you dog liked his walk. Your blocks looks wonderful.

Carol said...

Liz, every time I see little Toby, I just want to kiss that sweet face of his. How can you ever resist him??

Love your block with the Painter's Thread--such pretty colors :)

Ha--58!! I can't imagine--it's been down in the single digits here this week and we're still snow covered. Send some sun and warmth east, please :)