Monday, April 20, 2015

All Around The House.....

 Little piles of 
pretty patterns are slowly
taking over the house....
 Getting ready for quilt market,
so far, has been fun.
Suitcases are out and ready,
and I am still pretty calm,
we will see how long that last.....
I still have one more quilt to get the binding
sewed on 
hopefully one more pattern
to finish up.
Have a fun week!
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

What fun!!! I would love to see that show in person. You have been so busy. I can see that.

Karen S said...

Wow. So much happening! Good luck!

Lori said... exciting!

Carol said...

I'll bet your house is just humming with excitement, Liz! You've worked so hard--now go and enjoy the show :)