Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Autumn In New England.....

Got the quilt back yesterday 
just finished the binding.
I love the bias stripe look!
I love the quilting, 
little leaves, bigger leaves 
the feathers have a 
little leaf corner.
The embroidery work was 
designed for beginners 
a few more advanced stitches
are included in the pattern
that can be used.
The blocks are easily pieced so most
everyone can enjoy making
this quilt.
It was very enjoyable to make!
Have a wonderful rest of the week
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Awesome! I assume you're taking it to market?

Lori said...


Carol said...

Just perfect--almost makes me wish autumn were here (although with our chilly weather, it almost feels like it is!!). Enjoy your weekend, Liz!

Karen S said...

Wonderful finish. The quilting has worked so well. A lovely quilt! said...

So are you saying you got or did not get Ms. Pink's autograph??? Looks like you had a great time. L