Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pattern Corrections.....

Apparently the reindeer 
have taken liberty 
eaten parts of their pattern!
I am so sorry if this has cost you
some headaches, 
I can not figure out exactly what
in the world happen
here are some corrections for you.....
On the page with Santa and the houses,
on the right top side add these words
Position the deer so they look like they 
are taking off into the night....
In the box that starts Second Tree 
add these words,
under right side of the first tree. Place here 
On the page with the snowman,
look for the words that start
with Snowflakes add these words
 stitch in the middle with white floss
next look for the words that
start with Arms - 
add these words, Carrot - gold wool,
Cheeks - soft pink 
the tree in the middle -
should say Medium green solid 
On the instruction sheet titled Winter Pillow
this whole paragraph diseappeared -
Finishing Instructions - Cut a piece of red plaid 1 x 23.5".  If you use a plaid be sure to trim the fabric before you cut it so the plaid lines are straight.  If you don't have straight lines it will make your pillow look crooked.  Baste the wool pieces down really well before you sew the cotton fabric on, it will make the sewing much easier.  Sew and press open.  Cut a piece of Christmas print 3.25 x 23.5" and sew on the red plaid.  Press open.  Cut a piece of Christmas print 3.25 x 23.5" and sew on the top of your embroidery piece.  Press open.  Cut a strip of Christmas print 3.25" x 42" and divide it in half for the sides.  Sew to sides and press open.
Again I am so sorry about these problems,
the only thing we can think of , when my computer
got hit by a bad virus it affected this pattern some how.
Elizabeth Ann

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Farm Girl said...

Gosh I have missed so many of your posts. I woke up thinking about you and I don't know why my computer hadn't updated your feed. I am glad you got your computer fixed, it is just no fun when you get a virus. You have really been busy. Your quilts and boxes are wonderful. I hope you have a lovely day.