Thursday, November 5, 2015

Woolly Mini Quilts Continue.....

 This quilt is on the
way to the quilter, some
big blank spaces for her to 
fill in with some 
beautiful quilting!
 The only problem
this woolly quilt
it outgrew the mini stage....
 The blocks are six inches
but they were 
so pretty I just kept sewing
on and on....
I can hardly wait to see
it all quilted.
I think black print fabrics
are becoming a favorite of mine....
Once again I used some
beautiful Painter's Twill Tape
to make a simple little
I hope your November 
has gotten off to a great start,
we had our first freeze last night
and my flowers 
pretty much suffered 
from it.
After tonight they will be
done for the season....
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

sunny said...

Beautiful! How hard is it to make those tiny little flowers?