Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day Three of Christmas Joy......

 Painting some 
cabinets today....
walking my doggy
in between 
snow flurries.....
 A little snowman here...
 A snowman there....
A cutie here...

We have had beautiful
big snowflakes today,
and more snow.
The best kind of snow,
it didn't stay.
My neighbor went to
Scotland in the fall
and brought me some
yarn, very nice present for me....
I made her a little 
scarf with it,
finished it today,
hope she likes it,
something to remember her
trip with....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Send snow! I LOVE the snowmen in your header photo. Did you make those??

Carol said...

Such cute snowmen! And what a nice friend you are to make a scarf for your neighbor :)