Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day Two of Christmas Joy.....

 This little 4 foot tree
holds a lot of
little ornaments
from many 
years of collecting...
 Husband had to weight it down
this year, it kept falling over..
There are cross stitched
pieces, needlepoint pieces,
little wood ornaments,
little felt reindeer's....
 See that little Christmas tree,
it came from my
dear friend in WA state 
a few years ago.
I think that is probably my
favoritest thing to do
in the whole wide world,
spend a few days at
Christmas with her
and shop at all the wonderful
places around her home.
WA state is probably
the perfect Christmas place
to be, big beautiful pine 
trees everywhere you look.
I love visiting Snohomish and
going to all the country shops
and getting a cookie from their
bakery - YUM
THEN going home and 
beating the pants off
her playing 
Chicken Foot...
See that Santa at the 
very tip top of the tree???
I made ornaments from
a Vogue pattern
for our kids
a very very long time ago...
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

Carol said...

Love your little 4 foot tree! I need to get a few more small trees like that, too!