Friday, July 23, 2010

How Cute Is That!

First of all, let me give credit to whoever started saying that - THANKS! I love using that expression. I also like saying "Sweetie" I first heard that when my sister-in-law said it but it just doesn't work on my husband, he's over 6' tall, works out with these weights that I can't even lift, wears cowboy boots, cowboy hats, jeans and shirts. Just so you know I don't wear any sort of cowboy goodies, I love jeans and fancy socks! Anyway yesterday afternoon I was looking for just the right green fabric in the "fabric bin"(its a bin where fabric goes and hardly ever comes out again - it's usually to ugly or too small) and I found this fabric. Now this fabric would be absolutely wonderful if it didn't have all those boots and hats on it, oh dear, look it has ropes too! BUT you know I am making those little quilts for the wire quilt hanger and this idea popped right into my head (fabric does that to my head). Ran the idea pass Mary Ann and she informed me this could work so I sat down and drew a block out and sewed one right up. Its very little 3 x 3 and now I am going to try to use some sparkly thread to embroidery some cute stitching on it , and then those boots will reappear somewhere too - just you watch.................. Have a great weekend!

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