Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip!

I have to get ready we are leaving for a trip - well actually to the gas station and maybe to the Sonic for a MM Blast!! This is my husband's baby - its fun to take a ride, people smile and wave to you when you go by. When we brought it across country when we moved here, people would pull along side and take pictures. I was driving our truck behind the trailer hauling it and it would be so much fun to see people hanging out their windows taking pictures and waving to my husband.
I got Quilt #3 done but I don't have proof ): it's too dark in the house now to get a good picture. It turned out pretty cute for a cowboy quilt. I wasn't sure if I could make all that cowboy goodness until a cute Christmas quilt but I think its OK. Have to go now - have a good evening...

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