Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am still enjoying the weather! All the windows are open and it smells so much like fall. Sorry, probably being silly about it all. We never had air condition where I grew up, always had doors and windows open so I enjoy the fresh air so much. When we would go up to the mountains to go camping or to go apple picking you could smell the pine - wonderful. Here in Oklahoma the windows pretty much stay closed all summer and the air conditioner stays on, which I am thankful for!
The quilt in the picture is one for the First Ladies series. I wish I could sew faster! So far all the fabric I picked out is working very nicely and I want to get them all going at once. I decided for each month there will be a pretty little pillow to go along with the little quilt.
I better get back to sewing before I have to stop and cook dinner, I am going to try a new apple dessert, looks easy in the picture, hopefully I won't make a mess of it.............

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