Sunday, March 27, 2011

After a good night's rest and a few nice hot showers we had a good breakfast, visited with some nice people in the motel's eating area, and started out for Boise. We probably should have waited a few hours more until the snow melted a bit more and my brakes warmed up because driving through a red light could get one into trouble. After a bit we finally got on the interstate (1 block from the motel) and headed out. I thought I was smart by following a snow plow but that isn't very smart and finally got my nerve up to go around him. After a day of going up and down the mountain roads we made it into Utah and decided to stop and rest for the night. Good thing, we still had about 5 hours to go the next day. We had met some very nice people on this trip. One young couple with 4 children were moving from OK to CA and we played tag all along the way. We had stop to have lunch at a rest stop and first met them. He was driving a large truck and hauling a trailer with a SUV. They would go speeding past us and then when we stopped for dinner they would come in. I would imagine they had a lot of potty stops! Jerry was driving a 26' long UHaul truck with a hot rod on a trailer on the back and I had a small trailer with the our very dear riding lawn mower so we were going very slow (don't you know truck drivers just loved us). At lunch in Utah we said our goodbyes to the family and the Air Force Pilot looked pretty worn out at that time! We made into Boise and then on to Nampa and found the UHaul dealer. The people were so very nice. We left the hotrod there and 1 trailer. The young man there even lead us to our new little duplex and we unloaded the precious lawn mower and took the second trailer back. I have to admit it wasn't so very bad having something attached to your truck but hopefully I won't ever have to do it again. I don't like having my hands glued to the steering wheel and unable to get to those cookies sitting beside you................................ Photobucket

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SouthernHeart said...

Good to see you've made it with stories to tell! I know you're looking forward to settling in and I'll look forward to more pics and stories! Get some well-deserved rest!