Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost Two Weeks Now.....

Two weeks ago in the afternoon we arrived in Idaho. I am doing very well thank you, husband still loves his Oklahoma but is calming down. Thank you for all the nice notes I have received this week! We have settled on a builder and a house plan. This is somewhat what our new little house will look like. It will be bigger than the OK house only because it is cheaper to build here. The land is the killer and hard to find I might add. My head is back to normal, not so very tired. By 4pm I was ready for bed but now I can make it to 10. If I should ever make a comment about moving just slap me - you have my permission.

I started working on a new book. I have about 14 drawings already and I am very excited about it. On these projects I want to use more ribbons, buttons, and beads. I want to use more embroidery stitches too. I can hardly wait to get started but for now I am going out for a walk to enjoy the sun before the rain comes around.

Have a great afternoon!!


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