Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Star, Idaho

I am happy to report I found a little bit of heaven right here on earth, well in Star, Idaho to be exact. My friend CeCe has invited me to go bead shopping with her next week but we needed to get out a little today and I just happen to notice in the phone book there was a bead store pretty close to our little duplex (if you call 15 miles close). Jerry is happy to get out and take a ride so off we went. Have you ever been to a bead store? I'm sure you have, I have not. Goodness gracious!! All these beautiful beads shinning, glimmering, saying here I am take me home! Each little container has the price and you put what you want in a little drawer with the matching price. At first I took 5 of these, 10 of those, 1 of that and then I just said heck pour them in! I gave myself a $100 budget and I came within a few cents - I am so good..... If you are ever in Star, Idaho (Glitz Beads) you NEED to go see this for yourself, at least buy a few beautiful beads to make yourself some earrings! So I am ready to start on my new book project, beautiful wool, beautiful beads, awesome threads and ribbons. Wait - I just might need a few more silk ribbons and some beautiful threads but now I don't have to stare at my friend's website and wait for my order to come in the mail, I can just drive down to Boise and knock on the door, hmmmmm I wonder if she shares the key to that warehouse................... Photobucket


matate10 said...

Sounds like you're getting settled in. A new book. Girl you are on a roll!! Have you been to spoonflower? You might as well go there and try your hand at designing fabric too. I think some of your applique designs would translate into nice folky fabric line. They hold contests and such. It's a Michael Miller venture I think.

Mary Ann

Lori said...

I'm a little behind blog reading, but Welcome to Idaho! It sounds like you are settling in just fine!

Di said...

I love Glitz Beads, it's a great place to shop. I also love your blog, how fun to have met you for the second time today!